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March 7, 2017
by Heather H. Rhodes

Dear Blog, I’ve been writing

Dear Blog,

I am sorry that I have not taken the time to write to you in a while. I have had so much to share with you about my family, friends, the kids, and writing. Unfortunately, I have been busy … writing. Hmmm, probably doesn’t make much sense. If I have been busy writing, then why am I not writing to you? Yep, I get it.

Writing is my passion, and I love it probably more than you know. So, when I work on writing to you, it takes time, effort, thought and precision, almost like when I am working on my children’s books.  So, as much as I would love to write you a very detailed and loving blog, I probably should be working on my latest chapter book or one of my picture books or even plotting out my middle-grade novel. It’s a lot, right? Since writing is a very self-motivating job, I try to focus on one thing at a time.  Believe me; I get distracted, A LOT.

I want you to know I am working hard and I think you would be proud. One day, I would love to fix you up and make you stunning and interactive, but right now- it will have to wait. Soon, however; you will be the proud announcer of all my published books, and if this isn’t worth the wait, I am not sure what is.

For now, I will keep working on my books. I will be plotting, reading, writing, and occasionally I may even pop in for an update or two. Not only am I writing children’s books, but I am getting ready to move. I could have sworn I told you.  No? We are moving to Panama! The best part, you get to come with me. 🙂

Just think, we could be writing here, together, one day soon.  Ahhhhh, I can already see myself sipping wine while I lay on the beach, feeling the very warm (hot) breeze frizzing up my hair, with beads of sweat dripping down my face. lol!

Honestly, I can’t wait. Do you see that ocean? I also have a feeling I will talk to you more once I get there as there will be lots of new adventures to share from my beautiful new home.

Until then, keep holding up the fort, and I will be packing up mine here in NOVA.  I will be in touch very soon.


Oh, and make sure to check out some of my new wine favs! These are my latest from www.NakedWines.com.  🙂 Enjoy!

November 21, 2015
by Heather H. Rhodes

World Tour Day 2015

No blog post talking about Kenya and Zimbabwe is complete without an amazing South African wine. This blog goes out to the many glasses of wine I had overlooking breathtaking sunsets on the Masai Mara, sitting off on a wild animal reservation and overlooking beautiful Victoria Falls.  Oh, I do miss you …I really miss you.


pinotage sa

World Tour Day!!! 

Before school ended this year I participated in our elementary school’s World Tour Day. It is somewhat similar to the UN Day we have at most International Schools, but a bit different. Since we are in the US, no outside food is allowed due to the many allergies that plague quite a few kids. This is sad because it is the part I loved the most. Trying all the food from different countries when we had UN Day overseas was my favorite part. All who came and participated would dress up in their culturally themed clothes (this meant Old Navy 4th of July shirts for most Americans and a few Boston Red Sox jerseys- ha) and decorate our tables in the theme of our country. For the US table, we had American flags hanging; apples pies were made, rice krispy treats and anything you could think of that screamed .. American! It was time to celebrate culture, and we always had a blast, no matter what country we were in at the time.

You can check out my family blog here with Pictures from UN Day in Zimbabwe: United Nations Day – Zimbabwe

So, this past year when I heard they had a World Tour Day with a similar purpose, I could not have been more excited and happy to volunteer. Participating in the World Tour Day, although inside instead of outside, and definitely different, brought back those cultural differences I loved learning about overseas. I am so glad that our school participates in such events here in the USA. And I can only hope other schools do something similar as well.
However, during our World Tour Day- I did not represent America, I was Africa; specifically, Kenya and Zimbabwe. I set up my tables with African fabric, I brought in a big mask from Kenya, had a drum and wood xylophone for the kids to play on, and I even made a video with all of our personal pictures from our time while we lived in each of those countries. The kids enjoyed it, and I loved making the video and remembering our wonderful family adventures together. The video, although a bit generic and mostly focusing on popular sites and animals – does include quite a few of our family favorite pics.
I would love for anyone to share this with their children and show them the beauty of these two wonderful countries.  


I have my crocodile belt on with a skirt made from the local fabric in Zimbabwe. 🙂

        IMG_9699      IMG_9696

IMG_9698    (OMG…who are these kids? Did I even look at them before we left the house? Another Mom win for me. :/ )

 I had originally made a video for Chase’s kindergarten class in 2013 and then edited it to fit the World Tour Day.  Hope you enjoy some of our time in Kenya and Zimbabwe. There are WAY too many pictures to share, but at least you can enjoy a few of them now.

Please remember to show your kids!! Enjoy!  🙂

YouTube Preview Image


Teen Beach Movie 2 Sleepover Party

July 22, 2015 by Heather H. Rhodes | 0 comments

Teen Beach 2 Birthday Party!

Hannah, my Pinterest queen, pretty much planned most of her 9th birthday party celebrations. She, like her Mom, was very particular about every detail and we had a ball planning it. Hope all birthdays turn out this way!

Teen Beach 2


Although all the activities were planned, as soon as she received make-up as one of her birthday gifts, the rest was history. We already had “The Nail Polish Game” in the works, so this just added to the girly mix. Well, that and dancing to the movie.

Do you see them all so focused?? 🙂





After all was said and done, it was a lot of work, for a few hours of fun- but well worth it.   The lights and streamers we hung started to fall towards the middle of the night. The cute fish netting we hung with fun beach balls, plastic sand toys (we got from $1 store), and lanterns also fell. Most of this happened when Chase (my 7 year old) decided to join the girls in a game of “chase” in the basement. lol!  Lucky for me, my son went to my neighbors for a few hours during the main festivities but eventually had to join in the party at some point.  I mean, really – how could he resist all those girls? 🙂 He also wanted to have a sleepover with the girls in the basement, so I compromised- and we both slept upstairs in the living room. :/


Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl inside and out. I admire your spirit, your heart and your inner beauty and soul each and every day. I could not be more proud of you.  I love you!!


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